Company Overview: We are a collective group of high vibin Goddesses who have come together to support our community in uncovering their passions and power to manifest their ideal realities in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. We love to play and beeeeeeee awesome!

Mission: To teach the Laws of the Universe in such a way every Goddess is left with a life changing perspective and powerful effective tools to manifest anything her beautiful heart desires.

Description: We are a Networking Group in Vancouver with a centralized focus on teaching the Art of Manifestation and the sacred vibrations of the feminine energies.  We host monthly Goddess Gatherings and Intro courses on the Art of Manifestation.

We chose the name The Blue Bees for the following reasons:

  • Bees vibrate at a super high frequency which is what is one of the keys to human manifestation of desire.
  • Bees are Yellow and Black. Yellow is the color of the third chakra representing creativity, personal will, joy and self expression. Creativity and expressing freely our creative energies is another key to manifestation. Black represents the void, the nothingness to come from where we are able to create anything and everything our hearts desire.
  • Blue: Is the 5th Chakra, of self expression and communication. We teach and guide each other to speak our truths, speak our desires and wishes into physical manifested form.
  • Bees represent Life, Celebration, harmony with others, paying homage to the sun and centering our lives around Spirit or Goddess by working in community. They teach us the value of organization, dancing and playing in harmony to reach common goals.
  • And most importantly they are fuzzy and so cute!!!

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