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Building Your Goddess Alter

Creating a Goddess altar is a very magical and fun experience. Let this article serve as a guide and allow your intuition  and creative imagination to really take over. A Goddess alter serves as a direct line to the Goddess, a space to honour  yourself and the Goddess as divine light and love.There are a few items to collect for your sacred Goddess space. Let the  Goddess guide you and use your intuition as to which goddesses to use and which symbolic items of nature to select.  Remember  this is a creative process, and only use items which really evoke a positive feeling in you. Ultimately you will  be using  this altar to connect to the Goddess and celebrate your inner divine spirit so it makes sense to use items which  make you  smile and feel good!


Every alter will reflect the four elemental energies and four directions. The following can be used:

Earth/North: pentacle of clay, a bowl of earth, salt or a crystal, symbols of: bear,wolf stag

Fire/South: Candle, wand, oils, cactus, symbols of: lion dragon or snake

Air/East: Incense, feathers, Athame, symbols of: birds or butterflies

Water/West: Chalice filled with salt water, sea shells, symbols of: fish, dolphins, whales or swans

You will also require:

~A white candle for the centre of the altar

~A statue or image of your chosen Goddess. You can use any image you like. Some ideas to draw from are

1. Oracle cards, Doreen Virtues Goddess cards

2. A picture.

3. A drawing you have created. On my alter I have a beautiful piece of art my partner created as a gift of the god and goddess of the earth 

~ A silk scarf or a piece brocaded cloth. Use a piece of cloth that makes you happy and is beautiful in your eyes. Colours are also very powerful tools, for more information on colours in Goddess practice check out upcoming course Grow your Goddess

It is important you clear your altar items before you use them.  You can cleanse them  by soaking in salt water, bury them in the earth for three days, smudging with sage or a visualization meditation. These tools are conductors of energy  and will absorb and vibrate the essence of whomever or whatever spend the most time with them. Make them yours attune them to your energy and your intentions.

5 Steps For Building Your Sacred Space

Step 1. Clear your energy

Creating a Goddess Alter is a very personal and intimate process, one which is best revered with loving respect and honourable intentions. Before creating your sacred celebration space it is important to clear and cleanse your own energies. One of the best ways is a lovely salt bath, with candles and meditative music. If there is no time for a bath or shower a couple minute meditation with crystals will also clear and cleanse your energy. Smoky quartz crystal or bloodstone are perfect for this type of meditation, just hold one of these in your left hand as you meditate. (if you would like some tips on meditations for this purpose leave a comment below and I’ll post some tips:)

Step 2: Set your intention

What is it you intend to create with this sacred space? One of my favourite intentions to set is “This altar serves as my sacred space to honour the Goddess, to allow her divine light and love flow through me for the greater good of all.” Again this is a time to listen to your inner voice. Your higher self will guide you to the perfect words for your intention, all you have to do is listen.

Step 3: Prepare you Altar space

Once you have cleansed your energy, ensure the area you are building your alter in is also clean and clear. The area you use can be as large or small as you like and your alter can be as simple or complex as you like. I use the top of my dresser. Infusing purified water with lavender, rose or tea tree oil and wiping down the surface is a great way to cleanse the surface and leaves it smelling fantastically goddessey. (There are different herbs associated with each goddess stay tuned for a future post on Goddess herbs).

Step 4: Creating your alter

~Place a silk scarf or a piece of brocaded cloth on the surface of your altar.

~Place the white candle in the centre

~Place the objects you have collected for the four directions and four elements. North above the white candle, East to the right, south below and west to the left.

~If your altar is not backed by a mirror place a small mirror in the centre or a small cauldron or bowl aside the white candle. This symbolizes and reminds us of the Goddess within our being

~Add any other items of nature or that represent the Goddess

Step 5: Blessing your altar

Once the altar is complete light the white candle and take a few minutes to reflect on the beauty you have created. Know that the outward beauty you see is a direct reflection of your own inner beauty. Every time you look at your alter you will be reminded of the unity, beauty and love that is abundant within you and within the universe. This is a time to really acknowledge yourself as Goddess. See yourself in the mirror, see yourself in the image the Goddess sees you in. The Goddess is in all things, she is a universal energy which teaches us to be gentle, loving and seek truth. She is our comfort, our friend and our guide. Come to your altar anytime you wish to connect to the divine feminine energy.

Here is a link to a lovely youtube video showcasing examples of many different Goddess Alters

We love hearing and seeing the Goddess expand so please feel free to leave your comments and post pictures of your altar on our Facebook page!!

Unity through Goddess Energy ❤


Goddess New Moon Rituals

Today we enter the energy of the New Moon. The new moon is other wise referred to as The Waxing Moon or the Dark Moon. To integrate Moon rituals into your Goddess Practice is a lovely next step. Women who honour the Goddess honour the Goddess within themselves. Before beginning a craft or practice of any kind here are some lovely guidelines for working with the New Moon.

New Moon Rituals are a time for clearing out emotional and psychic clutter, removing negativity and creating room for new beginnings. This is a great time to bring in new manifestations. This is where the Goddess is in her youthful form the Maiden.

Being women our psychic abilities are at their highest during this phase of the moon cycle. During the dark moon/new moon phase, our instincts and intuition are fully charged. This is a time for introspection and turning inward to clearing out all that does not serve.

This is the perfect time for soul searching, reflection, deep meditation and accessing our darker side. We all have dark elements within ourselves. By acknowledging all aspects of who we are we connect with our inner most power. When we stop resisting or pretending these aspects don’t exist and begin to embrace all that we are we release ourselves from the holdings of darker energies. As Goddess we honour, acknowledge and release. By accepting all parts of who you are you will further build your inner confidence of self and grow your psychic, emotional and magical strength.

In new moon rituals and Goddess Craft it is very important to understand and practice the following:


There is no room for fear in Goddess Craft or magic of any kind. If you are allowing fear into the mix you smother the intention and the magic you are practicing. Intentions are a direct line to source, to Gaia, to the Goddess. When we are at peace the Goddess can receive our message clearly and assist us in bringing the intention to fruition. It is fundamental to ground your emotions, clear your mind and energy before conducting any type of ritual, casting or manifestation intention. Meditation, exercise, journalling or a lovely aromatherapy bath are all ways to clear your energy.


Practice makes perfect, the more you learn about your area of study the more confident you will become in your skills. Be open to learning from various sources, study, and experience has much as you can. Working with your magical abilities is is like any muscle, the more muscle you want to build the more practice you will be required to do. Confidence is a graceful beautiful strength. Explore your talents and develop your strengths.

Self Control

With great power comes great responsibility. There is a lot of power in harnessing the energies of the Goddess and using them for the greater good. You need to know your own strength and strive to be in control of your power at all times. Self-discipline allows any magical change to be manifested in a smooth, controlled and beautifully strong way.

Because the energies of the New Moon are so strong when we as women work with the energies we will feel the effects immediately, thus illuminating further the emphasis on being aware, integral and on purpose. It is important we share this information with our brothers, husbands, lovers and friends. The point of Goddess craft is not to exclude the masculine as we are all equally part of this magical existence. Openly communicating with the men in your life will also build your confidence in your abilities, your personal voice and honouring the divine feminine within you. It will also provide you both the opportunity to grow your communication and practice love.

An amazing resource for New Moon Solitary practice is Diane Stein’s Book Guide to Goddess Craft

Stay tuned for the next post on building your Goddess Alter 🙂 Much love Goddesses!!