Grow Your Goddess

Grow Your Goddess is an interactive 5-week course expanding on the teachings from Get Your Goddess in Gear!

Dates: October 17, 24, 31, November 14 and 21, 2011

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre

Cost: For the entire 5 weeks, $149.00. To register please email We have a drop in option (space permitting) @ $25 for first time participants and $40.00/session thereafter.  All drop-ins require a pre-session confirmation via Kelsey, Adrienne or Megan 🙂

In this exploratory 5 week course we integrate the 5 elemental energies to support you in creating consistant actions aligned with your intentions for delicious manifestation. Here is a quick snap shot of what we will be exploring!

Week One: Earth (October 17th)
~Earth Element: Who are the Earth Goddesses? Activation and Stabilization of the root chakra, crystals to strengthen and bring balance to our work, home and relationships, organization and dedication, and to provide comfort and stability during times of change
~Planetary Energies of each day of the week and how to use them to enhance your personal power, freedom and self expression.
~The Power of our Words: calling on the Goddess to unveil our true strength to our word and personal integrity.
~Exercises and tools for the week ahead to practice honouring the self, honouring others and our connecting to the Earth Goddesses.

Week Two: Air (October 24th)
~Air Element: Who are the Air Goddesses? Activation and strengthening of the Third Eye Chakra, crystals to strengthen the intuition, psychic development, communication skills, learning, freedom of movement, thought and expression.
~Strengthening our objectivity and detachment to enhance our experience of high frequencies. Calling on the Goddess to support us in identifying our personal boundaries, communicating those boundaries and honouring the Goddess within.
~Intuition, the third eye and crown chakra balancing.
~Colour therapy to support the establishment and honouring of boundaries.
~The Goddess as the receiver. How to get back to our truest essence and learn to allow, receive and give in the most loving and constructive energies.
~Exercises and tools for creating your own boundaries, communication, and strengthening the intuition.

Week 3: Fire (October 31st)
~Fire Element: Who are the Fire Goddesses? Playing with the vital energies of the Sacral and Solar Plexus. Crystals to strengthen personal power, will, creativity, sexual expression and positive action.
~Acknowledging and Neutralizing Assumptions. Where do assumptions come from and how we bring ourselves as the embodiment of the Goddess to a place of loving neutrality.
~Visualization of your highest self and how to continuously strengthen your power to manifest though creative visualization and Goddess energies
~Dress up and playing in our creative self expression. How to playfully embody ancient Goddess Archetypes.
~Self blessing rituals and exploring being creative with your journey through self care and playful charm.
~Exercises and tools to being playful in your daily routines, plants and herbs to assist you in manifesting, honouring your sexual expression through Goddess energy.

Week 4: Water (November 14th)
~Water Element: Who are the Water Goddesses? The water element has us dive into our emotional selves and our throat and heart Chakra energies. Crystals to support expressing our true feelings, to maintain healthy emotional balance and enhanse love and compassion.
~ Always doing the best we can with where we are at. Drawing on the Goddess energy of self love and compassion we learn our best will change as frequently as our emotions do, and to accept and honour ourselves every step of the journey.
~ Self Care: Tools and gentle options for growing your self love and understanding your own bodies needs.
~ Sound Vibrational healing to integrate to assist you in releasing your emotions in a constructive mannor, and heal emotional baggage.
~ How to protect your energy and tools for clearing absorbed negative energies.

Week 5: Ether/Spirit (November 21st)
~ Spirit Element: Who are the Goddesses of Spirit? Activation of the crown chakra. Crystals for manifestation, connection to the higher rhelms, spiritual transformation and opening the space for great spiritual growth and cleansing.
~ Truth: What is truth, and how to create your own. Developing your critical thinking skills to support you in your spiritual Goddess journey, and in your manifestation practice.
~The Laws of Manifestation, building on the Laws of the Universe we will explore the specific laws to activate and come into harmony with for optimal manifestation.
~Creation of Goddess Mandalas to take with you for your journey ahead.

Unity in Goddess Energy

Only Love

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