Methodology for the Modern Manifestor

Methodology for the Modern Manifestor is an interactive 4-week course on the Evolution of Manifestation designed for the Gods and Goddesses in our tribe. This is a gender open series focused on aligning the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies within us all to optimize our manifestation abilities!

What a way to start off the new year! This course begins in January and will fill up fast so register for your spot today! The full course is $97 HST included. E-mail us at for payment options and further details.

Below is a mini snap shot into the course for the four weeks.

Week 1 

  • Stage 1: Awareness
    • Foundation of Manifestation
    • Laws of the Universe
    • The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine
    • Responsibility – Personal and Professional
    • The Consious Creator

Week 2 

  • Stage 2: Acceptance
    • Past, Present and Future
    • Story, Assumptions, Limiting Beliefs and Reality
    • Detachment
    • Choice, Empowering Beliefs, The Art of Reframing
    • Teachers and Gifts
    • The Gratitude Attitude

Week 3 

  • Stage 3: Resistance
    • Letting go of Resistance
    • Ego, Getting in Your Own Way, Entitlement and Expectation
    • Humility
    • Fun
    • Passion, Heart and Courage
    • Purpose

Week 4 

  • Stage 4: Momentum
    • How to apply what we have learned to everyday life
    • Clarity of Purpose and Intention
    • Confidence
    • Action
    • Service

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