The Manifestor Mindset

Dates: November 16, 22, and 29th, 2011

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Lululemon Oakridge Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

Cost: Free Free Free!!!

Have you ever pondered the magic of the number three? In all major world teachings there are three fundamental components that make up the complete lesson.

You are invited to join two of the facilitators of the Blue Bees Network, Adrienne Nye and Kelsey Grant, for a three week journey into what we call “The Manifestor Mindset”. In this workshop series we will be journeying through a series of three master principals for exploring and strengthening the mindset for optimal creativity. Each week the theme embodies the yogic understanding of Mind, Body and Spirit combined with the three principals of manifestation, Time, Space and Energy. Curious about whats in store? Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1:  The Fundamental Manifestation Mindsets, The Chakras and Yoga (November 16)

We will explore the world of limiting beliefs according to each chakra. In this chakra-oriented Hatha yoga class we will look at each of the 7 chakras and 7 mindset lessons to assist the body in opening and balancing the chakra energy. Come explore how each belief we hold actually blocks or opens the flow of manifestation in our lives. Learn to acknowledge any limiting beliefs, set them free and re-create a belief system that serves you.  By combining yoga with this practice we see the actual physical impact our thoughts and beliefs have on our practice and our lives. This 2 hour workshop will illustrate how in life the interconnection of flow and ease is directly correlated to our perspective and beliefs of the world.

Week 2:   Food, Mindset and Manifestation (November 22)

Each day we fuel our bodies and each day the food choices we make play a part in the life that we manifest. What we put into our lives and bodies is reflected in what we get out of them. In this 2 hour workshop we will be exploring the connection between the foods we eat, the thoughts we have and the results we manifest. We will journey though our relationship to food through ayurvedic teachings and dosha principals, the emotional connection to the foods we crave, and how to supply ourselves with the metaphysical and emotional nourishment we desire. Concluding this session will be a discussion on mindfulness and eating, acknowledging how we feel about the foods we eat which largely influences the life that we manifest.

Week 3:   Self Care, Creation and Manifestation (November 29)

We all know on some level the only way we can truly take care of others is by taking care of ourselves first. Self care is a key principal to manifestation. It raises our energy and provides the vital energies and focus required to manifest on the levels of inspired positive creation. Breath is key. It creates the space for manifestation and clears the body, mind and spirit. When we are grounded and clear the intentions set for manifestation are pure and of the highest light energy. In this session we explore the basics of breath work and self care to provide the foundation for grounding and the clarity to know what it is you want to manifest and create in your life and in the world.

Please join us for all three weeks if you can. Each session is designed to flow into the next. It is encouraged to rock all three sessions, however, it is not required. Trust your intuition and join us for the message that calls the most to you. The Universal Law of Perfection is always at play and wherever you are is always in the right place!

The Blue Bees Network

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