Meet The Blue Bees!

KELSEY GRANT is an intuitive healer, coach and facilitator. Her life’s calling is to work with those who are ready to venture onto their path of awakening and lovingly support them in their journey. Some of her favourite healing and coaching tools she draws her healing work from are subconscious re-programming, meditation, crystal healings, oracle readings, healing touch and conscious creation scripting. The three principals Kelsey operates from each day are Love, Intimacy and Inspiration. You can count on her for a kind word, a burst of positive energy, a good heart mist and a deep soul sista connection. For fun Kelsey really enjoys chillin with her family, writing and performing original music, learning Goddess and metaphysical history and playing with her crystal shrine. She really digs frolicking in enchantedness and can be found with a sweet book at the roots of a epic wisdom tree on her days of rejuvenation.

Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually it’s a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others”. ~David R. Hawkins

ADRIENNE NYE is an actress and singer/songwriter. She gets to play in her passions and touch hearts by serving the stories and characters she embodies and sharing the songs she bleeds from her soul. The top three values from which she creates her life are: Passion, Heart and Service. You can count on her to find the fun and humor in everything (for a good laugh), speak the truth from her heart (for a good cry), and to light a fire under your butt (for the courage to dream of what’s possible), with your permission of course.  In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys surfing, snowboarding, cooking and watching great movies.  To connect with the Universal Spirit she enjoys traveling, being in nature, deep conversations with loved ones and sweating it out on the mat.

To live would be an awfully big adventure.” ~Sir James Matthew Barrie (from Peter Pan)

MEGAN PHILLIPS experience in working with fellow goddesses stems from her role as an actor, singer, writer, and lover of life!  She is passionate in helping fellow souls to harness their own truth in this world, drawing on skills she has learned in the performing arts. Training in performance: MA (Musical Theatre Performance) from Mountview Academy in London, UK, BA (Music) from the University of Western Ontario, and has trained with Broadway professionals at Circle in the Square in New York City.  Megan is an accredited Journey practitioner and is a District Manager, Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. Her top 3 values are: Communication, Playfulness, and Authenticity. For fun she has recently taken up kickboxing and LOVES IT!!

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

6 responses to “Meet The Blue Bees!”

  1. writingingrace says :

    Gorgeous site, love it and so glad to be connecting sister xx

  2. Jeremy says :

    My thoughts are you girls are too amazing not to have pictures up! Keep up the good work!

    • thebluebeesnetwork says :

      Jer!! Oh why thank you! We are getting some delicious shots done by our Goddess friend Chica Pavarti very soon! Thank you for the feedback and the support! Much Love ❤

      • susan says :

        how do I find out about the courses offered in 2012
        is there a contact number I could phone someone??
        I couldnt find any information on the website


      • thebluebeesnetwork says :

        Hi Susan! As this year unfolds we will be posting upcoming workshops and courses. for the first couple months of 2012 we will just be offering smaller 2-3 hour workshops! The first one of 2012 is this coming thursday, its a demonstration of mediumship facilitated by Shana Lee Gibson. The details will be up on the blog today! Much love and hopefully we’ll see you soon at an event!

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