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Demonstration of Mediumship Thursday February 16th 2012

Have you ever been curious about what a psychic mediumship experience is all about?

On Thursday February 16th we invite you to an exciting evening of mediumship featuring Psychic Medium Shana Lee Gibson. Shana connects easily with the spirit world and her style is relaxed, humorous and friendly. She is known for her accurate, and detailed readings of loved ones passed into the Spirit world.

In this 2 hour event Shana will demonstrate a live mediumship channelling, facilitate an open conversation to answer any questions all you curious cats may have and make an introduction to her beautiful crystal jewelry line Soul Sister ūüėČ The evening concludes with a draw for some sweet door prizes!

Tickets :$20 in advance.

Date: February 16th 2012

Time: 7pm-9 (we will start right at 7 so please plan to arrive between 645-7)

Location: 1033 Marinaside Crescent Vancouver (Yaletown)
Due to the intimate nature of this event we will only be offering advanced registration and RSVP is required.

Email bluebeesnetwork@gmail.com for payment options if the fb payment tab below isn’t your vibe ūüėČ

*SPECIAL BONUS * The ticket price includes a Soul Sister Gift Certificate and your names entry into the draw for some sweet high vibin door prizes!!

Shana Lee lives and works in private practice in Vancouver BC Canada. Her bi-monthly blog talk radio show draws in listeners from Europe, Korea, India, Australia, the United States and Canada. http://www.shanaleegibson.com/

Angel of Love, We have Found Our Way

“It’s bigger than you and me, its about love, peace foundation and family” ~ Randy Ponzio

These are the words and personal mission of an incredible friend Randy Ponzio. This past week I’ve really reflected on the life and message of an epic earth angel soul. Randy was a great friend, a incredible father, humanitarian and musician driven to transform the world through his music. From the first minute I heard him play I’ve remained inspired by his spirit and passion. At the time I met him I had not yet in my life ever been privileged to be in the beautiful energy of a musician, artist and activist so driven by one pure intention. Love. The energy of the room instantly transformed the second he stepped to the mic. Music flowed through him and a message of hope, possibility and inspired action poured through every word, every stroke of the guitar and with every note he sang. It was in attending this night of music I really was inspired to use my art as a vehicle for transformation and to plant seeds for a better world for all. That night I knew I had met a soul brother and an incredible friend. Randy’s heart was always bursting with love for everyone he knew and met. A powerful force worked through him, the best way I can describe it is as source energy. He was dialed into the greater picture and used this connection combined with his talent and passion to spread a message that will indeed change the world.

” My music will not change the world, but it could change a person. I bring a positive message in the songs I write. Even though some songs speak of dark days, there is always that overall resolution of hope and persistence that people can hopefully relate to. The art is bigger than you and me”¬†

I’ve been reflecting on this quote for days and really getting the impact of his mission. Here are but a few of the many lessons I have learned from my dear friends beautiful life.

Authenticity and Acceptance:

First and for most Randy was fully open and authentic through his music that life on this planet is sometimes challenging, and part of our journey is to learn to honour and respect the lessons the darkness provide for our personal evolution. One of the major factors in universal transformation is getting to a space of acceptance. Acceptance of all aspects of our being. Each of us is made up of darkness and light. Its the Universal Law of Polarity and Randy through his acknowledgement of his own experience granted others permission to explore all aspects of their humanity and make a conscious choice to choose love and light.

Speaking Truth:

Randy spoke up and said the things that many are to fearful to say. He spoke his truth each day and in every song he’s ever performed and written you will indeed hear this passion and truth. The lesson here for me and hopefully for many more is to speak up, speak truth, speak love. Even in times when we seemingly stand alone in declaring the truth of our humanity, the words of the heart ensure that in standing for something greater than ourselves we are always supported by a community of souls who are also on this epic mission. Again, when we speak our truth we give others permission to do the same. Speaking truth is one of the biggest catalysts for universal change.

Personal evolution changes the world:

When we begin on a individual level to dive deep into our truth and align our hearts and minds the world as we know it also begins to change. One person connected to their truth, one person connected to their passion, one person connected to love will begin to elevate the universal consciousness through their inspired love energy. The investment we make into our personal growth, evolution and love changes the world in a more profound way than our conscious minds are able to fully perceive.

The Power of Community: 

What we saw happen from the day Randy went missing was a collective global community come together united in love. People from all over the world sent their love and prayers while the local community in vancouver searched streets, and canvased for his safe return. The outpouring of love and stories of how this man touched and moved every person who knew him and those who never had the chance to meet him personally is testament to the power of love. An incredible vigil held in the streets of Granville where Randy was famous for busking and sharing his vibes was filled with hundreds of friends and family. This newly formed tribe is committed to ensuring his light lives on, his message manifests in the hearts, minds and actions of people all over the world. Randy is a pure example that one person can indeed change the world and bring together a community of people united in one single mission, Love. The community is present, we love and support each other and we are here to make the biggest difference the history of humanity has ever seen. So while my dear friend mentioned his music will not change the world I can report based on what I’ve witnessed this last week and a half him and his music have indeed transformed the world.¬†

Passion, Art and Positive Self expression as change agents: 

Art of any form is one of the most powerful tools of possibility, positivity and change. There is a universal oneness uniting us all together. In art and more specifically music, we always hear elements of our own personal experience and lives in the stories and lives of others. Expressing our truth, spirit and mission through creativity is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other. Music is a universal language one that inspires generations and movements. When we connect to our individual gifts and express them for the world to experience wonderful things begin to happen.

What I have learned from my friend is there is so much we can do every day to contribute to an elevation of the collective community. Randy did epic work through his short lifetime. Now his legend lives on and the seeds he planted are beginning to sprout and grow into a beautiful global garden where we all reside in love, peace, foundation and family. Randy has inspired me to really look at whats important in my life and only do things that feed my soul. There is an opportunity each day to be guided by a force greater than ourselves and I choose to focus my attention on serving the world community through my art, through my love and through my voice. Randy dear friend I feel your spirit guiding this epic mission and I am blessed to know you soul brotha. Your message will live on and grow so far beyond what we can consciously imagine. Thank you for your light, thank you for your love and thank you for the blessing you are to this world. Rest your soul brotha, and all of us earth angels and love beings will keep dreaming, creating and living the way of Love, Peace, Foundation and Family.

“Power to the people to think, power to the people to dream, power to the people heaven be your sequel this what I believe. Heaven your sequel beautiful people may you find your way” ~ Randy Ponzio

Randy’s music can be purchased on iTunes and donations for the family he leaves behind can be made here:¬†http://www.randyponzio.com/

Only Love,


Pictures 3 and 5 courtesy of Christopher Guy

Awesomeness..YES! YES!

I just returned home from an epicly delicious adventure on the Hawaiian island of Maui. I was blessed to participate in creating a world changing event and witnessing the power of inspiration, community and collective love vibes.

Awesomeness Fest is a 4 day long event for anyone who is up to a BIG game in life and intends to meet other high vibin epic peeps and build one big deliciously juicy tribe. Each year the location changes and it brings together people from all walks of life to learn, express and connect. One of my favorite parts of Awesomeness is the focus of unity. What’s especially delightful is the no hierarchy/everyone’s equal policy meaning there is no distinction between a speaker, presenter, crew member or participant. We all hold the same value, significance and incredibly unique messages of transformation.¬†

It was a serious life changing week. For all of you game changers, movers and shakers, love puffs, thought leaders, world changing visionaries and epic souls committed to contribution and a new world paradigm this is totally the place for you.

One of the highlights of my Awesomeness Fest experience  was participating in a volunteer outing at the Ke Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centre. It was here we got to give back to Gaia and the Hawaiian people for the hospitality and amazingness they had shown to us during our stay. For the morning a crew of us Afesters got right into the dirt, weeded and planted, and connected with an incredible group of Hawaiian youth. These kids were incredible. We laughed, danced and sang all while building an incredible garden for the centre.

To our surprise after lunch Lisa Nichols and Robert Hirsch showed up to share their stories of transformative success and inspiring these kids to step beyond who they have been told they are and who they maybe even believe they are, into their greatness and shine their light and awesomeness into the world.

A few days later after the experience we got word that the kids had been incredibly impacted by our time there and since working together and hearing Lisa and Robert speak, there was a newly developed feeling of hope and possibility present in the hearts and minds of these kids. 

We never really know the impact we have on people. All we can do is our best each day to love someone unconditionally, to share our light and our wisdom and to make someones day (or as we see with these kids, their lives) better through our full contribution and open hearts. My question to you is how will you serve today, how will  you express love, gratitude and contribution in your life and in your community to serve the greater good? If we all do what we can each day this world will open up even more as we begin to shine abundance, possibility and love in our hearts~

Mega gratitude to my soul sista Rebekah for sharing her light and the opportunity to serve. She’s the founder and director of a wikid program called Voluntourism. Check it out if giving back, travelling and being awesome is your kinda thing ūüėČ If you wanna check out more HAWT pics of the shenanigans and true amazingness of Awesomeness Fest check out our incredible photographer Moriah Diamond’s site. And finally if you are diggin this vibe of the Awesomeness Fest tribe begin making plans for next year to join us! Word on the street is Bali just might be our location! BOOM!

In love, gratitude and humble service


Building Your Goddess Alter

Creating a Goddess altar is a very magical and fun experience. Let this article serve as a guide and allow your intuition  and creative imagination to really take over. A Goddess alter serves as a direct line to the Goddess, a space to honour  yourself and the Goddess as divine light and love.There are a few items to collect for your sacred Goddess space. Let the  Goddess guide you and use your intuition as to which goddesses to use and which symbolic items of nature to select.  Remember  this is a creative process, and only use items which really evoke a positive feeling in you. Ultimately you will  be using  this altar to connect to the Goddess and celebrate your inner divine spirit so it makes sense to use items which  make you  smile and feel good!


Every alter will reflect the four elemental energies and four directions. The following can be used:

Earth/North: pentacle of clay, a bowl of earth, salt or a crystal, symbols of: bear,wolf stag

Fire/South: Candle, wand, oils, cactus, symbols of: lion dragon or snake

Air/East: Incense, feathers, Athame, symbols of: birds or butterflies

Water/West: Chalice filled with salt water, sea shells, symbols of: fish, dolphins, whales or swans

You will also require:

~A white candle for the centre of the altar

~A statue or image of your chosen Goddess. You can use any image you like. Some ideas to draw from are

1. Oracle cards, Doreen Virtues Goddess cards http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=2190

2. A picture.

3. A drawing you have created. On my alter I have a beautiful piece of art my partner created as a gift of the god and goddess of the earth 

~ A silk scarf or a piece brocaded cloth. Use a piece of cloth that makes you happy and is beautiful in your eyes. Colours are also very powerful tools, for more information on colours in Goddess practice check out upcoming course Grow your Goddess


It is important you clear your altar items before you use them.  You can cleanse them  by soaking in salt water, bury them in the earth for three days, smudging with sage or a visualization meditation. These tools are conductors of energy  and will absorb and vibrate the essence of whomever or whatever spend the most time with them. Make them yours attune them to your energy and your intentions.

5 Steps For Building Your Sacred Space

Step 1. Clear your energy

Creating a Goddess Alter is a very personal and intimate process, one which is best revered with loving respect and honourable intentions. Before creating your sacred celebration space it is important to clear and cleanse your own energies. One of the best ways is a lovely salt bath, with candles and meditative music. If there is no time for a bath or shower a couple minute meditation with crystals will also clear and cleanse your energy. Smoky quartz crystal or bloodstone are perfect for this type of meditation, just hold one of these in your left hand as you meditate. (if you would like some tips on meditations for this purpose leave a comment below and I’ll post some tips:)

Step 2: Set your intention

What is it you intend to create with this sacred space? One of my favourite intentions to set is “This altar serves as my sacred space to honour the Goddess, to allow her divine light and love flow through me for the greater good of all.” Again this is a time to listen to your inner voice. Your higher self will guide you to the perfect words for your intention, all you have to do is listen.

Step 3: Prepare you Altar space

Once you have cleansed your energy, ensure the area you are building your alter in is also clean and clear. The area you use can be as large or small as you like and your alter can be as simple or complex as you like. I use the top of my dresser. Infusing purified water with lavender, rose or tea tree oil and wiping down the surface is a great way to cleanse the surface and leaves it smelling fantastically goddessey. (There are different herbs associated with each goddess stay tuned for a future post on Goddess herbs).

Step 4: Creating your alter

~Place a silk scarf or a piece of brocaded cloth on the surface of your altar.

~Place the white candle in the centre

~Place the objects you have collected for the four directions and four elements. North above the white candle, East to the right, south below and west to the left.

~If your altar is not backed by a mirror place a small mirror in the centre or a small cauldron or bowl aside the white candle. This symbolizes and reminds us of the Goddess within our being

~Add any other items of nature or that represent the Goddess

Step 5: Blessing your altar

Once the altar is complete light the white candle and take a few minutes to reflect on the beauty you have created. Know that the outward beauty you see is a direct reflection of your own inner beauty. Every time you look at your alter you will be reminded of the unity, beauty and love that is abundant within you and within the universe. This is a time to really acknowledge yourself as Goddess. See yourself in the mirror, see yourself in the image the Goddess sees you in. The Goddess is in all things, she is a universal energy which teaches us to be gentle, loving and seek truth. She is our comfort, our friend and our guide. Come to your altar anytime you wish to connect to the divine feminine energy.

Here is a link to a lovely youtube video showcasing examples of many different Goddess Alters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk4OTzc3Ur4

We love hearing and seeing the Goddess expand so please feel free to leave your comments and post pictures of your altar on our Facebook page!!

Unity through Goddess Energy ‚̧