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Raise your vibes and make the world a better place, one good deed at a time.

On my way to work this week at the yoga studio in Richmond, I headed up No. 3 Road as I always do from the skytrain at Lansdowne Mall.  I paused mid-step as I noticed a large eye-catching poster on the bus stop.  I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been there all along or if this was the first time I was present enough to notice it.  In huge letters the sign said, “Hug a Stranger. We are all relatives if we go back far enough“.  I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a shot (see below) before continuing on to work.  I couldn’t help but smile as this awesome message, displayed in such a wonderfully public location, permeated my soul and settled in my heart.  I wondered upon how many other faces it had spread a smile that day…

On my break I was curious about the website address on the poster, People for Good.ca, so I looked them up.  I was delighted by what I found.  A group with an awesome mission: To make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. They even have a page with some ideas and inspiration on how and what types of things you could do in your everyday life to spread a little good in the world.  Things as simple as giving a stranger a high five or calling your mother. They even have video testimonials that support studies showing that when you do something nice for someone, it gives you a natural high that can last for weeks or even months.

To test this theory, since I am part-scientist after all, I high-fived a total stranger at the studio as we passed each other in the hallway. It felt awesome!  At the end of the night on his way home he requested I give him one the next time I see him as well…success!  The vibes were definitely high and even as I write this post I am still smiling about the whole thing.

Week 1 of our interactive 5-week, “Get Your Goddess in Gear!“, course on the Art of Manifestation has a beautiful section on how to raise your vibes and personal frequency to be aligned with the energies of on purpose manifestation.  This story was such a great example of how you can practice this concept.

Now get out there and bake your neighbor some cookies, hand write someone a thank you note or smile at the next person you see.  Make someone else’s day!

Thanks People for Good, you sure made mine!

Only Love,


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