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Get Your Goddess In Gear!

Check out our interactive 5-week course on the Art of Manifestation!

Each week we work through different Goddesses to focus on specific aspects and keys to manifestation:

Week 1: Clarity and Awareness 
Goddess: Kali- Hindu Goddess of Endings and Beginnings
~Clarity and Awareness about what you want and why you want it
~Clarity of what stops you in manifesting
~How to raise your vibes and personal frequency to be aligned with the energies of on purpose manifestation
~Omens and Syncronicities
~Meditations and grounding techniques

Week 2: Activating the Flow of Divine Feminine Energy
Goddess: Lakshmi- Hindu Goddess of Bright Future
~ Illuminating personal limiting beliefs
~ Reframing limiting beliefs and keeping the energies within you clean
~Fear vs Love
~ Creativity and intuition activation
~Healing energies of yoga/dance/movement

Week 3: Pillars of Manifestation
Goddess: Sulis- Celtic Sun Goddess who oversees Bodies of Water associated with Healing
~Creative Visualization
~Intentional scripting/life mapping
~Power of focus and collective energy
~Positive energy, supporting beliefs and creating certainty

Week 4: Laws of the Universe
Goddess: Diana- Roman Moon Goddess of Focused Intention and the Ease of Birthing New ideas in the world
~Overview of the laws of the universe
~Understanding the main laws for optimal manifestation
~How to apply the laws in your daily life
~Contribution, gratitude and community

Week 5: Creating Actions and Habits Aligned With Your Desires
Goddess: Ostara-Teutonic Goddess of Fertility and Spring Time
~Language patterns
~How to create a positive social community within your current networks
~The value of on purpose social activities and where to find them in Vancouver
~High vibing foods and nutrition
~Exercise to feed your soul

When: Tuesdays from 7-9pm on July 12, 19, 26 August 2 and 9th.

Where: The nature of the course is interactive and free flowing and so we are choosing the locations to fit the content theme for the week. Locations will be disclosed to all Goddesses registered for the event!

Cost: $108 or $97 for any Goddess within our Blue Bees Network. To receive this discounted rate just “like” our page and follow the link below!

There is also a newly added drop in feature if you are looking to supersize your knowledge and wisdom in one particular module feel free to purchase the drop in option for $25*.

*Please note that pre-registration is required for this option too, (so we can monitor the energy and allocate adequate space for the ultimate comfort and learning environments for every Goddess).

To register visit us at: The Blue Bees Network on Facebook
Or e-mail us at: bluebeesnetwork[at]gmail.com
Join us for this exciting and amazing 5-week journey!
Only Love,
The Blue Bees