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The Science of Peace and the Unity of Love


We find ourselves at a very interesting point in human history. This is a very exceptional time to be alive as we are quickly seeing the rise of the people in unification for universal rights. This includes our rights as humans, the rights of animals and the rights of the environment we live inside of.

In this time of big change you might be asking yourself what can I really do to make a difference, one person can’t really make a difference can they? Well the answer my friends is YES! Who we are makes a difference and the actions we take each day contribute to the collective consciousness of fear or the collective consciousness of love. It’s up to us to choose which team we will play for.

The Goddess reminds us to connect to our hearts, to unify through love and to evoke change from within. When we master ourselves we vibrate the message of change, we vibrate the frequency of compassion and we transform into our true essence, light energy.

The Science Of Peace

Your heart is the biggest conductor of electromagnetic energy within your body. The powerful magnetic energy source of your heart is so incredible it has the ability to at any moment connect to humans, animals and our environment with no boundaries of space or time. The power of our hearts has been hidden from mass consciousness for it’s obvious ability to unite us all; contrary to what fear consciousness would like you to believe. Our brains are powerful, and our hearts even more so. Imagine what is possible when you align your heart with your mind..pretty inspiring hey?

Our human consciousness is interconnected, and what we think, say and do matters and has a massive impact. Each thought, word and action has a frequency and those frequencies will either divide or connect. So how can we unite our minds, our hearts and our people? Simple. Mastery of self.

Yes social change is happening and physically uniting illustrates our collective call for change. If we really want to make it count in our call for action, allow change, action and transformation to arrive from a space of love. Meditate each day. When we meditate each day we open our minds, relax our bodies and activate our hearts electromagnetic pull. This energy pulls us towards each other, globally uniting our brothers and sisters who have answered the call for love consciousness. 

What we focus on expands its the Universal Law of Attraction. If we each do what we can and simply meditate each day on love, compassion, harmony and peace we will indeed live to see it manifest. A two minute meditation activates the heart energies and answers the call for change. We each have at least two minutes each day to vibrate in love, to imagine a world where instead of competition we cooperate, where instead of agression there is peace, where instead of fear there is love. Meditation is the Science of Peace.

When we consciously choose to make each minute of our lives count we show our great mother Gaia we have heard her call. The present moment is all we have so take a moment right now and breath in love, and exhale love. Remember what you know and remember what you are..LOVE

We all have the opportunity right now to stand for something, something far greater than we know. It will take being your own leader of peace and participating however you can in the unity of Love. Make your own mind up from your heart’s vibration and wisdom and watch the world transform inside of the science of peace.

Please enjoy this beautifully inspiring video further explaining and illustrating the science of peace, the unity of love and the biggest call for change history has ever seen. We value everyones voice and we invite you to speak your truth and leave us your comments 🙂

Only Love



Building Your Goddess Alter

Creating a Goddess altar is a very magical and fun experience. Let this article serve as a guide and allow your intuition  and creative imagination to really take over. A Goddess alter serves as a direct line to the Goddess, a space to honour  yourself and the Goddess as divine light and love.There are a few items to collect for your sacred Goddess space. Let the  Goddess guide you and use your intuition as to which goddesses to use and which symbolic items of nature to select.  Remember  this is a creative process, and only use items which really evoke a positive feeling in you. Ultimately you will  be using  this altar to connect to the Goddess and celebrate your inner divine spirit so it makes sense to use items which  make you  smile and feel good!


Every alter will reflect the four elemental energies and four directions. The following can be used:

Earth/North: pentacle of clay, a bowl of earth, salt or a crystal, symbols of: bear,wolf stag

Fire/South: Candle, wand, oils, cactus, symbols of: lion dragon or snake

Air/East: Incense, feathers, Athame, symbols of: birds or butterflies

Water/West: Chalice filled with salt water, sea shells, symbols of: fish, dolphins, whales or swans

You will also require:

~A white candle for the centre of the altar

~A statue or image of your chosen Goddess. You can use any image you like. Some ideas to draw from are

1. Oracle cards, Doreen Virtues Goddess cards http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=2190

2. A picture.

3. A drawing you have created. On my alter I have a beautiful piece of art my partner created as a gift of the god and goddess of the earth 

~ A silk scarf or a piece brocaded cloth. Use a piece of cloth that makes you happy and is beautiful in your eyes. Colours are also very powerful tools, for more information on colours in Goddess practice check out upcoming course Grow your Goddess


It is important you clear your altar items before you use them.  You can cleanse them  by soaking in salt water, bury them in the earth for three days, smudging with sage or a visualization meditation. These tools are conductors of energy  and will absorb and vibrate the essence of whomever or whatever spend the most time with them. Make them yours attune them to your energy and your intentions.

5 Steps For Building Your Sacred Space

Step 1. Clear your energy

Creating a Goddess Alter is a very personal and intimate process, one which is best revered with loving respect and honourable intentions. Before creating your sacred celebration space it is important to clear and cleanse your own energies. One of the best ways is a lovely salt bath, with candles and meditative music. If there is no time for a bath or shower a couple minute meditation with crystals will also clear and cleanse your energy. Smoky quartz crystal or bloodstone are perfect for this type of meditation, just hold one of these in your left hand as you meditate. (if you would like some tips on meditations for this purpose leave a comment below and I’ll post some tips:)

Step 2: Set your intention

What is it you intend to create with this sacred space? One of my favourite intentions to set is “This altar serves as my sacred space to honour the Goddess, to allow her divine light and love flow through me for the greater good of all.” Again this is a time to listen to your inner voice. Your higher self will guide you to the perfect words for your intention, all you have to do is listen.

Step 3: Prepare you Altar space

Once you have cleansed your energy, ensure the area you are building your alter in is also clean and clear. The area you use can be as large or small as you like and your alter can be as simple or complex as you like. I use the top of my dresser. Infusing purified water with lavender, rose or tea tree oil and wiping down the surface is a great way to cleanse the surface and leaves it smelling fantastically goddessey. (There are different herbs associated with each goddess stay tuned for a future post on Goddess herbs).

Step 4: Creating your alter

~Place a silk scarf or a piece of brocaded cloth on the surface of your altar.

~Place the white candle in the centre

~Place the objects you have collected for the four directions and four elements. North above the white candle, East to the right, south below and west to the left.

~If your altar is not backed by a mirror place a small mirror in the centre or a small cauldron or bowl aside the white candle. This symbolizes and reminds us of the Goddess within our being

~Add any other items of nature or that represent the Goddess

Step 5: Blessing your altar

Once the altar is complete light the white candle and take a few minutes to reflect on the beauty you have created. Know that the outward beauty you see is a direct reflection of your own inner beauty. Every time you look at your alter you will be reminded of the unity, beauty and love that is abundant within you and within the universe. This is a time to really acknowledge yourself as Goddess. See yourself in the mirror, see yourself in the image the Goddess sees you in. The Goddess is in all things, she is a universal energy which teaches us to be gentle, loving and seek truth. She is our comfort, our friend and our guide. Come to your altar anytime you wish to connect to the divine feminine energy.

Here is a link to a lovely youtube video showcasing examples of many different Goddess Alters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk4OTzc3Ur4

We love hearing and seeing the Goddess expand so please feel free to leave your comments and post pictures of your altar on our Facebook page!!

Unity through Goddess Energy ❤


Get Your Goddess In Gear!

Check out our interactive 5-week course on the Art of Manifestation!

Each week we work through different Goddesses to focus on specific aspects and keys to manifestation:

Week 1: Clarity and Awareness 
Goddess: Kali- Hindu Goddess of Endings and Beginnings
~Clarity and Awareness about what you want and why you want it
~Clarity of what stops you in manifesting
~How to raise your vibes and personal frequency to be aligned with the energies of on purpose manifestation
~Omens and Syncronicities
~Meditations and grounding techniques

Week 2: Activating the Flow of Divine Feminine Energy
Goddess: Lakshmi- Hindu Goddess of Bright Future
~ Illuminating personal limiting beliefs
~ Reframing limiting beliefs and keeping the energies within you clean
~Fear vs Love
~ Creativity and intuition activation
~Healing energies of yoga/dance/movement

Week 3: Pillars of Manifestation
Goddess: Sulis- Celtic Sun Goddess who oversees Bodies of Water associated with Healing
~Creative Visualization
~Intentional scripting/life mapping
~Power of focus and collective energy
~Positive energy, supporting beliefs and creating certainty

Week 4: Laws of the Universe
Goddess: Diana- Roman Moon Goddess of Focused Intention and the Ease of Birthing New ideas in the world
~Overview of the laws of the universe
~Understanding the main laws for optimal manifestation
~How to apply the laws in your daily life
~Contribution, gratitude and community

Week 5: Creating Actions and Habits Aligned With Your Desires
Goddess: Ostara-Teutonic Goddess of Fertility and Spring Time
~Language patterns
~How to create a positive social community within your current networks
~The value of on purpose social activities and where to find them in Vancouver
~High vibing foods and nutrition
~Exercise to feed your soul

When: Tuesdays from 7-9pm on July 12, 19, 26 August 2 and 9th.

Where: The nature of the course is interactive and free flowing and so we are choosing the locations to fit the content theme for the week. Locations will be disclosed to all Goddesses registered for the event!

Cost: $108 or $97 for any Goddess within our Blue Bees Network. To receive this discounted rate just “like” our page and follow the link below!

There is also a newly added drop in feature if you are looking to supersize your knowledge and wisdom in one particular module feel free to purchase the drop in option for $25*.

*Please note that pre-registration is required for this option too, (so we can monitor the energy and allocate adequate space for the ultimate comfort and learning environments for every Goddess).

To register visit us at: The Blue Bees Network on Facebook
Or e-mail us at: bluebeesnetwork[at]gmail.com
Join us for this exciting and amazing 5-week journey!
Only Love,
The Blue Bees