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Goddess New Moon Rituals

Today we enter the energy of the New Moon. The new moon is other wise referred to as The Waxing Moon or the Dark Moon. To integrate Moon rituals into your Goddess Practice is a lovely next step. Women who honour the Goddess honour the Goddess within themselves. Before beginning a craft or practice of any kind here are some lovely guidelines for working with the New Moon.

New Moon Rituals are a time for clearing out emotional and psychic clutter, removing negativity and creating room for new beginnings. This is a great time to bring in new manifestations. This is where the Goddess is in her youthful form the Maiden.

Being women our psychic abilities are at their highest during this phase of the moon cycle. During the dark moon/new moon phase, our instincts and intuition are fully charged. This is a time for introspection and turning inward to clearing out all that does not serve.

This is the perfect time for soul searching, reflection, deep meditation and accessing our darker side. We all have dark elements within ourselves. By acknowledging all aspects of who we are we connect with our inner most power. When we stop resisting or pretending these aspects don’t exist and begin to embrace all that we are we release ourselves from the holdings of darker energies. As Goddess we honour, acknowledge and release. By accepting all parts of who you are you will further build your inner confidence of self and grow your psychic, emotional and magical strength.

In new moon rituals and Goddess Craft it is very important to understand and practice the following:


There is no room for fear in Goddess Craft or magic of any kind. If you are allowing fear into the mix you smother the intention and the magic you are practicing. Intentions are a direct line to source, to Gaia, to the Goddess. When we are at peace the Goddess can receive our message clearly and assist us in bringing the intention to fruition. It is fundamental to ground your emotions, clear your mind and energy before conducting any type of ritual, casting or manifestation intention. Meditation, exercise, journalling or a lovely aromatherapy bath are all ways to clear your energy.


Practice makes perfect, the more you learn about your area of study the more confident you will become in your skills. Be open to learning from various sources, study, and experience has much as you can. Working with your magical abilities is is like any muscle, the more muscle you want to build the more practice you will be required to do. Confidence is a graceful beautiful strength. Explore your talents and develop your strengths.

Self Control

With great power comes great responsibility. There is a lot of power in harnessing the energies of the Goddess and using them for the greater good. You need to know your own strength and strive to be in control of your power at all times. Self-discipline allows any magical change to be manifested in a smooth, controlled and beautifully strong way.

Because the energies of the New Moon are so strong when we as women work with the energies we will feel the effects immediately, thus illuminating further the emphasis on being aware, integral and on purpose. It is important we share this information with our brothers, husbands, lovers and friends. The point of Goddess craft is not to exclude the masculine as we are all equally part of this magical existence. Openly communicating with the men in your life will also build your confidence in your abilities, your personal voice and honouring the divine feminine within you. It will also provide you both the opportunity to grow your communication and practice love.

An amazing resource for New Moon Solitary practice is Diane Stein’s Book Guide to Goddess Craft http://www.dianestein.net/

Stay tuned for the next post on building your Goddess Alter 🙂 Much love Goddesses!!