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The Magic of Sistership

I am always in constant awe and wonder of the magical workings of the Universe. Since setting out on this path to build community and teach the Art of Manifestation through the Blue Bees Network some pretty incredible attractions have manifested into our worlds. One of which was attending and being of service at the Power of Women event here in Vancouver this past month.

This event really brought together all the incredible aspects of women, Goddess energy, sistership, learning and community. We were privileged to be in the energy of some magical women teaching the world through their inspirational, courageous and powerful examples. Ellen DeGeneres, Marlee Matlin, Suzanne Somers, Amilya Antonetti, Jessica Holmes, Leigh Anne Touhy all presented amazing messages and the one I will share with you today is from the epicly amazing Loretta LaRoche.

Loretta is a firecracker. At 72 years old she still has the spunk of a youthful teenager, the wisdom of a wise elder and the playful essence of a beautiful child. Her message began with a lively and comical conversation encouraging everyone in the audience to have fun with their life and stop taking themselves so darn seriously. She frankly got to the point that we are all responsible for our energy, perceptions and actions in this world, and to be exceptionally mindful as our energy always has an impact on others around us. The following is how I interpreted the remainder of her presentation. Knowing that we all get something different I encourage you to leave your feedback on this article and share your experience of her message or any of the other beautiful speakers of the event 😉

What I really heard in her message was as women we are the major influence on the future generations, we have to speak up for ourselves and our children. We have the power to encourage the evolution of consciousness by turning off the TV and getting ourselves and our children outside to play and use our imagination.

Right now children are being brought up in an age of overstimulation, this experience of constant entertainment creates dependancy. This fosters an entire generation who then are dependent on others or an external source for entertainment or stimulation. When we constantly put our children in front of the tv we rob them of their essence, of their creatively, their independence and their imaginations. In order to turn this around and create environments and children connected to their true selves, we must first unveil that for ourselves. As women, sisters, wives, friends we are encouraged to find this childlike essence within ourselves. For some of us it may be buried deeper, and so we build community, we share, we love with our whole hearts open. When we love ourselves for our creative genius, explore our ever expanding true self, give ourselves permission to laugh and play we begin to teach our children and younger generations it is safe to do the same.

Our new generations learn to be free to express themselves, have full trust in the fulfillment of all and every desire coming from the heart, to follow their hearts, dream big and support everyone they know in doing the same. In the end we are all the same, we are all looking for the same peace of mind, happiness and love. When we learn we are the only things we’ve spent our lives searching for we can stop searching, we can be present to the magic and beauty that exists abundantly in this universe every single moment.

Within the Blue Bees Network, we love bringing groups of women together to encourage them to live their freedom, express their voice and delight in the magic that is their lives. In the words of our new friend Loretta Laroche “Life’s too short…wear your party pants” 😉

Only Love